Create website in Russia

In order to work successfully in Russia it is necessary to provide information on the Internet in russian lang.
This requires your site. Creating a website in Russia is best left to the Russian web studio - jaguar design. Why?
- Russian market is different from another.
- Nobody knows better than the residents of the country the specifics of doing business.
- We have experience working with foreign partners.
- We have been creating sites for 8 years already
- We will most accurately translate your required text
- It s best to have a domain in same zone
- We have very lowest prices.
We will develop a website the way you want to be. What does it mean? We provide, after your wishes, design options developed independently. You choose and we modify the design. Then we develop code taking into account all the details without using standard modules from the network. The creation of sites in Blagoveshchensk is our work for 9 years. We provide discounts. Our experience allows us to write systems similar to large portals.

Why is it worth to order a site from us? Our advantages: unique design, finalization of design
taking into account all the wishes of the customer, the creation of the site taking into account all requirements (even small details are taken into account
and implement, there are no impossible tasks), low prices, experience in developing sites for 8 years, we provide acts of completed work, compliance with all terms, domain and hosting as a gift, using WEB 2.0 technology (except for us, nobody is doing it), using AJAX (if you need) - the technology of updating pages on the fly, SEO-optimization for search engines in Russia.

Website development is a modern, popular and relevant service. This is not surprising, because at the current level of the development of the information society, the need for a convenient, mobile, interactive means of information delivery is only growing. Nowadays the site is a kind of visiting card, virtual office and the "face" of any company, firm, organization of any level or individual entrepreneur. In addition, for large companies, creating websites is also an opportunity to manage many processes, as well as provide more accessible and convenient services for customers.
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